Por el



Bomba Rice (350 gr)

8 big prawns

8 shrimp

Red sweet ground paprika

8 mussels


200 gr. grated tomato

green broad beans (200 g.)

6 artichokes

Garrofó(Local beans) * (100 grs.)

1200 ml. fish broth 



garlic and onion (optional)

1 sprig of rosemary

* Depending on where we are, the garrofón to be an ingredient that is grown in the Levant and whose optimal consumption season is July and August , can be difficult to find elsewhere. If we could buy it, would incorporate some 100 gr. As an option we can replace if desired by white bean.



Brown shortly prwans, shrimps and reserve. Boil mussels for 2 minutes with a bit of wine. Reserve.

Put pan on a medium high heat in oil t the chopped vegetables and sautéa few minutes. We make a well in the center of the pan aside vegetables, in this space we incorporated the striped tomato, fry it a few minutes and add the paprika (at this time the intensity of the fire should be low to prevent the paprika from burning) and sautéanother minute and let it cook all the vegetables and meat for about 20 minutes.

Once the broth reaches the level of the rivets on the handles of the pan, add the rice after that time with saffron (which will have previously roasted a few seconds), and mix well leaving it well covered by the stock and distributed evenly throughout the pan and add salt if necessary.

Cook over very high heat for approximately 9 minutes and then lower the heat and cook for another 8 minutes. Then we will add the shrimps and prawns and for the last 8 minutes we can do both at low heat and in oven preheated to 190°, according to preference .Let stand for 5 minutes covered off the heat, when we put over the mussels. Serve.