Por el


2 aubergines

1 red pepper

three onions

1 head of garlic

3 tomatoes

extra virgin olive oil


Besides bread to make toast

salted anchovies


 Wash and dry the aubergine, peppers and tomatoes. We put all the vegetables in a baking tray, less tomatoes that we introduce later.

We will water them a generous splash of olive oil. We leave the aubergines in half and make incisions in the flesh.

We roast in a preheated oven at 180 °C for about an hour and grate over the tray so they can drop the juices of the vegetables, turning the vegetables every 20 minutes from time to time to roast evenly.

After that time we added the tomatoes to the tray, as these are cooked in less time. Half an hour later and the vegetables are ready.

However depending on the size of the vegetables and the oven, check that they are truly ready. Let cool to remove the skin and pips the peppers and aubergines.

We wrap them with paper each vegetable separately, allowing them to stand about 20 minutes (it is important so that they can peel better), remove them the seeds and cut into strips.

In the same way, we remove the outer layers of onions and chop. Also we get light pressure, the garlic roast head. We’re providing all the ingredients in a bowl, which add a pinch of coarse sea salt and oil roasted. Optional is to add a few drops of vinegar.


Cut a few slices of bread previously toasted and add after half a grilled tomato and a clove of garlic (optional). We put up a few strips of aubergine and roasted pepper, a bit of roasted onion and ended up with a fillet of salted anchovies.