Pan Tumaca con Jamón Iberico (Bread with Tomato and Iberico Ham)

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Bread with Tomato and Iberico Ham

Bread with Tomato and Iberico Ham

In the Mediterranean diet, if there is something that can not be missing is the bread with tomato. Breakfast of many, this simple toast is almost a Catalan flag, which they proudly raise.

Many say that its root is not completely from Catalonia, however, we will not enter into conflict.

What is certain is that throughout Spain, bread with tomato and olive oil is a delight that is eaten daily, a snack that can not be missed during your visit and an affirmation, the simplest ingredients, together, can result in something very tasty.







Ham (Iberico ham is suggested)



Slice the bread and toast it.

Once toasted, cut the tomatoes and garlic in half and rub each slice on both sides with the garlic and tomato.

Finish with a sprinkling of oil.


If you want, you can make what it is called an ajilimojili, by chopping the tomatoes very finely and mix them in a bowl with oil and salt. You can also add chopped garlic to this sauce. Then spread this sauce onto the toast. This is a confortable way but is not the same preparation in Catalunya.

Serve the toast with the iberico ham.

Bread with Tomato and Iberico Ham is a recipe you can learn in A Punto, in Chueca, Madrid.