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Not only on romanticism, wedding films can also be considered part of the group of melodrama and female films. Sometimes the film`s wedding inserts the dark, funny and political side of each plot and the character of the player. Indonesia offers pretty much wedding movie treats. One of them is the film Wedding Agreement (2019) by Eria Chuzaimiah with Refal Hady and Indah Permatasari. Then, wedding films often add cultural elements of the groom`s and bride`s family, so that the audience can also discover new knowledge about the film. Wedding films allow us to compare our habits and attitudes with others. For example, if you look at how values such as religion, consumerism, patriarchy and romanticism want to appear in the film (Coztanzo, 2014, p. 129). Tagged as: books, books, digital, literacy, literature, literature Often, films that increase the type of marriage are judged only to tell the story of a happy life at home. But not everything went well. Millennials and Generation Z must be literacy skills, in the sense that they can quickly and accurately access information in different media. Thus, not only literacy, but also literacy technology, digital, visual, financial, etc.

Obstacles, we are sometimes stuck, we get lost, are tried and we get bogged down in other things. For example, we first want to get articles that are relevant to the speaker`s task, but as we find popular posts about celebrities, politicians or WhatsApp downloads from friends, the intention to get the article is definitely forgotten. Not to mention the fact that when the quota and pulse go out, when there are no hotspots around us, we feel the most lonely people in the world. . The wedding film is also included in the romantic comic under genius. That is, the film is romantically packaged, but it gives the plot a sense of humor. According to him, literature today uses a lot of media and digital technologies. Today, you can read not only a collection of poems, anthologies, novels or plays in the form of books, but also in the form of e-books or PDF formats downloadable on the Internet.

Digital media and technology can also produce unique literary works, such as mini-fiction, haiku and sonian. Some films also come from the internet media, for example the film Cinta Tapi Beda comes from some of Dwitasari`s blog notes, or the film The Invisible Family is from a series in Kaskus or a novel and a marriage contract that comes from a serialized story in Wattpad. Dr. Sumiyadi M. Hum. (Professor of literature courses in the Indonesian department of linguistic and literary pedagogy FPBS UPI.) Picture: Doc. Private student of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Atma Jaya University of Yogyakarta The presence of a type of marriage certainly gives color in the global film industry. During the production of a wedding film, viewers should also take into account the character, history and theme of the actors they want to show. The development of digital literature can enrich our literary treasures and be more practical. Literary works can be read on a laptop or gadget. Even if the laptop and gadget are not ours, we can still read them if we store them on our blogs, websites, emails or readers. As I said, wedding movies try to insert the culture of the bride and groom`s family.

Literacy culture is not only a culture of literacy, but culture has access to information in different media. Thus, the culture of literacy will appear when students use their gadgets to obtain magazines, articles, up-to-date information, e-books from different library networks. Information is quickly collected for the purpose of carrying out tasks or developing work.

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