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Both parents are legally required to help their children grow up financially. Child support payments generally include regular financial payments at the daily cost of a child`s life. Payments are usually made to parents with whom a child spends the most time, while the parent spends less time with a child. If the child care service collects and pays child support, all missing payments are enforceable. If you have had the order for at least 12 months, you can ask the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) to arrange the maintenance for you. You can only claim a right from the date you apply to the CMS. You do not receive residues that have accumulated in the order of the CMS. If your child stays at least one night a week with paying parents, the amount of child support paid may be reduced. It`s a “shared care.” The Child Maintenance Service (CMS) will ask both parents for information about their joint care of the child. You can arrange child care directly. This is called a private or “family” agreement.

The longer the child stays with the paying parent, the less child support there is. It all depends on the subsistence rate of the children and the number of nights for shared care. You should seek legal advice before entering into a restricted agreement. Childcare contracts will always be a sensitive issue. For most parents, paying child benefit is a natural and simple process. But there will always be some non-resident parents who, for one reason or another, will not pay or will not be able to pay. It is precisely for this reason and for the best interests of the child that there are maintenance contracts for children and the Children`s Aid Office that should be used. Family Relations Centres – can organize dispute resolution to help you and other parents reach agreements on children`s issues, including payments. With many employees on the boil during this unprecedented crisis, many debtors are trying to reduce payments or even stop them altogether.

In this article, Abby Westell, a family lawyer, examines the impact this can have on people who pay or receive child support and their children. Family agreements are generally not legally binding. This means that if the payments you receive are reduced or stopped without your consent, you cannot use the legal system to re-enter the payments. Perhaps we can give definitive advice on child care arrangements. We do not prepare child care agreements or sign certificates for child care. A family lawyer can help if the parents want the conditions to be more formal. It may also be a good idea to testify to the agreement, and also signed and dated by both parents. In many cases, if both parents have a good relationship, there may not be a need for formal written agreement.

But there is no guarantee that this friendly relationship would last in the future. It may be in the best interests of the child to enter into a written support contract for the children. Gold Coast Legal Service – provides legal advice on child care. If family circumstances change, it is also the resident parent`s responsibility to notify the CSA and CMS of these changes, as support payments received may be affected in some way. The procedure requires the collection of information on the income and circumstances of the non-resident parent by the parent requesting custody of the child. This information is then analysed and the support is then recovered either by the non-resident parent or directly by the parent`s employer. If a family agreement fails or cannot be reached at all, you should consider asking the child care service to enter into an agreement that can be implemented.

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