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UATP is recognized by more than 260 airlines and thousands of travel agencies around the world, allowing you to manage your travel expenses, to buy detailed travel reports. For more information For more information on how you are a merchant and the benefits of a dealer, visit our dealer page or contact “Other agreement” is any agreement other than that reached in these Terms and Conditions between the account holder, on the one hand, and Air Niugini and/or its related companies, on the other. “UATP cardholder,” the person or organization to which Air Niugini issues a company or staff UATP card at the written request of the applicant or account holder. UATP is the low-cost payment network of the world`s airlines. UATP`s global payment solution is accepted by thousands of merchants for payments at airline, rail and travel agencies. UATP provides user-friendly tools that provide issuers and subscribers with complete account information for accurate travel management. “Air Niugini,” “We” and “Our” means Air Niugini Limited, the issuer of the UATP card. In typical payment networks such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express, banks are the same as payment cards. On the airline-owned UATP network, airlines were until now the only parties to issue their central accounts. “This is a very progressive step on the UATP board of directors because there has traditionally been a kind of love-hate relationship between airlines and GDS, airlines and TMCs, so you have a case here where airlines allow access to the UATP network …

for companies that are not airlines,” said President and CEO Ralph Kaiser. If TMCs are able to transfer many more transactions from airlines to UATP accounts, the relationship between TMCs and airlines could also degenerate, and mega-TMCs like BCD are best placed to make a significant difference. “applicant,” the person or organization that submits a UATP account application for the use of a UATP card or is filed on behalf of the UATP card. “working day” monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Papua New Guinea, but without public and legal days; “GST,” the goods and services tax levied in accordance with the provisions of the Goods and Services Tax Act 2003 and amendments or enforcement measures. Our payment solutions are easy to integrate into your current systems and help you accept AFPs at a lower cost. And easily navigate the global payments market.

A more comprehensive payment program starts with the UATP. Currency Type Agent Numeric Code (IATA Number) Ticket number Date ticket was issued Cost of ticket Point of Sale Name Place of Issue Passenger Name Customer File Reference Flight Segments (z.B. DCA-SEA-DCA) This information is displayed on the invoice provided by UATP to customer customers. WEX and UATP have teamed up to develop PAXVIA – the all-in-one solution for payments for airlines, hotels and rental cars. “The fact that a TMC delivers the cards is not surprising, as they want to be a one-source solution and have tighter control/audit/reporting of the payment process,” said Karoline Mayr, founder of Get Travel Solutions. “And it`s a very nice new source of income that comes comfortably when distribution is interrupted. … Payments are an excellent source of revenue, which functions as a licensing agreement in which they earn money with each transaction; it appears as a small amount of each transaction, but if you look at the total number of transactions, you don`t feel more than small. “Related company” refers to a related company of Air Niugini, since the term is defined in the 1997 Companies Act.

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