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Instructions on the application of a settlement concluded before the commencement of proceedings can be found in the practice note: application of settlement agreements concluded before the appeal. This practice note examines ways of implementing a settlement agreement concluded after the commencement of proceedings. It discusses the application of settlement agreements in different scenarios, including resolution by approval decision, Tomlin injunction, and Part 36. It is also a question of the closure of the proceedings and not of the agreement by agreement of agreement or Tomlin injunction. The registrar/mediator may attempt to settle the dispute submitted to mediation within thirty days of the referral. This period may be extended by mutual agreement between the parties, provided that the total agreed duration does not exceed three months. However, it is more likely that you have negotiated a detailed settlement agreement to dispose of the claim. For more information on the different forms of documentation of a transaction, see the practice note: Dispute Resolution – Documenting a Transaction. This is an application to the court to detain the debtor of the judgment for non-payment in accordance with the settlement agreement before the Bezirksarbeitsamt within the meaning of section 7(13) in conjunction with 28(2) of the Trade Disputes Act 2016. The court will then hear the appeal on the date set and make its decision.

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