Ran Sharing Agreement

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“Proximus and Orange Belgium remain fully confident about the positive impact of their proposed agreement on the sharing of mobile networks in the Belgian mobile market,” the two MNOs said. While THE sharing of RAN is gaining popularity with more operators in Europe, including Vodafone in several markets, an agreement between two MNOs, Proximus and Orange, has been suspended in Belgium due to opposition from a third operator, Telenet. The challenge has already undermined the goal of completing ec by the end of the year and starting work on the common network in the first quarter of 2020. As part of BCA`s interim measure, Proximus and Orange are required to suspend the shareholder agreement and implementation of their RAN sharing regime until 16 March, but they may continue to prepare, such as the issuance of RfPs and the selection of personnel to be transferred to the joint venture. Telenet`s reasoning, outlined in its presentation to the authorities, states that “the pressure on mobile phone revenues is pushing all mobile operators to find intelligent ways to finance the development and maintenance of the new 5G network. Telenet understands why mobile operators want to share their mobile phone networks, even if they are authorized by law, but it has serious reservations about the very broad way in which the two largest mobile operators in Belgium , with a combined market share of 75% and a quasi-monopoly in the industry , want to work as a joint venture. In a statement, the BCA said a total suspension would be disproportionate before a full investigation is conducted, but said it saw possible anti-competitive effects that needed further evaluation. Last year, Telenet opposed the alliance of its two competitors, which provides for a 50:50 joint venture for the sharing of active and passive devices throughout Belgium and from 2G to 5G. Telenet was also involved in the discussions originally, but withdrew and then asked the regulator to block the system. The Belgian Competition Authority (BCA) has requested the suspension, but will allow the partners to continue the preparatory work while carrying out a further investigation with the telecommunications regulator (BIPT).

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