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Since these insolvency provisions are mandatory, any agreement between the parties to “vary” or make this scheme “contract-compliant” may be questionable due to public policy concerns. The Zais decision did not rule on the applicability of non-petition clauses in general, since this clause does not apply to the creditors concerned. Nor is the applicability of Zais` precedent to Zohar I and other debtors obvious. The documents currently filed in the bankruptcy court in the debtors` cases certainly do not refer to the existence or scope of a non-petition clause. Section 3, paragraph 1, of the Act provides that a non-petition contract is enforceable in accordance with its terms. Article 2, paragraph 1 of the Act provides that, despite the contrary adoption or the rule of law, a provision for the conclusion or formal notice of an agreement is enforceable in accordance with its conditions. The simple limited partnership agreement (the petition was filed with respect to a single limited partnership called Rhone Holdings, L.P.), to the extent that it is essential in point 5.12, contains an agreement under the following conditions: Compensation for the purposes of the Compensation Act is broad and different from the closing network. A transfer provision means as much agreement, with the exception of a clearing settlement for the amounts of compensation outstanding by one party to another party in this agreement. As a general rule, a suspension clause allows one party to repay (or deduct) the amounts it owes to another party on the amounts owed to it by that other party.

The Compensation Act dispels any doubt that such provisions can be applied on their terms, both before and after the onset of insolvency. The Compensation Act does not impose the types of transactions to which it applies, but applies generally. In addition, an “agreement” within the meaning of the compensation law includes a “set of related agreements,” which is useful. B for ISDA transactions. Ancillary provisions of an agreement with a provision relating to the closing network, subordination or contractual subordination (for example. B a provision that defines the method of determining the currency in which a net payment is to be made) are also applicable according to its conditions.

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