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Uniform requirements for manuscripts submitted to medical journals stipulate that the author`s credit should be based only on an essential article for the following purposes: Full cases template (Word document) Images in… / Video template (Word document) Global health template (Word document) Full-text of all-articles published in International Journal of Case Reports and Images available online, worldwide, free of free, immediately on publication. Readers can view, download, print and stream any article without a subscription, allowing a much wider distribution of an author`s work. The result is an increase in the impact of published authors. Open-access publishing allows the use, distribution and reproduction of an article in any media, provided that the original work is duly cited and duly billed to the original authors and publishers. We want to publish cases with valuable clinical lessons. Frequent cases with a diagnostic, ethical or management challenge or highlighting aspects of injury, pharmacology or histopathology are considered to have a particular pedagogical value. It is important that the learning results of the articles are important and new. There is no official word count for complete cases and comprehensive health articles. For full case reports, we recommend a maximum of 2000 words and a maximum of 4000 words for health articles worldwide (without abstracts or references). Images in …

Articles should be no more than 500 words. We also encourage reports of global health and drug cases that are practiced in unusual environments, such as. B that shipping medicine, humanitarian work, refugee health, conflict, violence, sexual violence, human trafficking, humanitarian aid, telemedicine and innovation in e-health and health. Global health reports should focus on the causes of disease and access to health services, whether economic, social or political – public health, because they have an impact on patients` lives. These cases require a comprehensive review of the relevant global health literature and a comprehensive understanding of the anthropological context of the case you have in mind. If the patient is dead, the UK Data Protection Act does not apply, but the authors must obtain permission from a relative (ideally the closest relative). If you have not signed the agreement of a deceased patient, guardian or family, the head of your medical/hospital team or legal team must take responsibility for carrying out exhaustive attempts at contact with the family and anonymizing the document to avoid harming the patient`s family. During the submission, authors may choose whether or not to publish their open access article for 400 LIVES (excluding VAT for British and European authors). This is a separate tax for scholarship fees and is completely optional. All sources of funding that support the work, as well as the institutional or entrepreneurial affiliations of the authors, should be recognized here.

Place the references in brackets immediately after the author`s name or if the author`s name is not included in the sentence at the end of the sentence before the final punctuation mark.

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