How Common Are Non-Disclosure Agreements

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Employers may ask you to execute this type of restrictive agreement as a prerequisite for your employment before you start working so that they can keep the information confidential. Other organizations may ask you to agree to the privacy policy upon termination as part of a severance pay agreement. If you violate the provisions of a legally binding confidentiality agreement, your employer may obtain a cease order to prevent you from continuing to participate in illegal activities. In addition, in certain circumstances, an employer may bring an action for financial damages for all losses related to your breach of confidentiality obligations. Note that Massachusetts law allows a court to double the amount of damages if the judge deems it appropriate. Acts of confidentiality and loyalty (also known as acts of confidentiality or confidentiality) are frequently used in Australia. These documents generally have the same purpose and contain provisions similar to confidentiality agreements (INAs) used elsewhere. However, these documents are treated legally as acts and are therefore binding without consideration, unlike contracts. The templates for confidentiality agreements and the types of model agreements are available on a number of legal websites.

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