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Translation: The film was released last week. Have you seen it? Ranti: Yes, yes. Bella: Oh, I watched it yesterday. Sintia: Really? I saw it too. What do you think? Ranti: I don`t really like it. There are holes in history that disappoint me. Sintia: I agree with you. Once the film was over, I wasn`t happy. Bella: Yes.

But actor A`s show was very helpful, at least I could feel his emotions. Ranti: I`m not sure. I think because actress B is his co-star, actor A gains confidence. Bella: That`s true, but her show has been good since her last film. Sintia: Exactly. He even received the award last year. Unfortunately, this time, many people are not satisfied with the film. Please note that the example of the expression of consent and disagreement is usually related to the material and examples of examples of dialogues of opinion, which sometimes contain examples of concordances and non-sentences and their meaning. If you can understand material convergence and smp class 9 disagreement, it will also easily work on examples of convergence and disagreement problems.

Examples of this dialogue will have several different themes, allowing us to learn the expression convergence and disagreement in different contexts. It is expected that after reading the following example of dialogue, we will be able to routinely convey our disagreements and disapprovals in English. Without waiting any longer, here is an example of dialogue: readers, do you know that each of us is definitely faced with a situation when it comes to expressing an opinion? Every thought in a human head is not exactly the same. Take for example twins, they do not always agree on one thing. Sometimes we contradict the opinions of others. As you have read in previous EC articles, expressions expressing consent and rejection in English are referred to as expressions of consent and disagreement. Does anyone remember the examples of his words? If anyone has forgotten it, please read it in the previous EC article entitled “Expressions Expressing Consent and Disapproval in English And Their Meanings”. Well, this time, CE will provide examples of conversations using expressions of consent and disagreement. Look at these boys! DGLimages Illustrations reunited with friendsContoh Dialogue 4 peopleAndy: I received this book from my father….

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