Deferral Agreement Misdemeanor

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Pre-trial intervention is another form of contractual agreement, similar to deferred prosecution. However, the prosecutor`s office proposes to dismiss the charge against an accused after the conclusion of the contract. The accused must complete an application, admitting his guilt in the case and essentially indicating why he wishes to apply for the program. The application is located at the Williamson County Attorney`s Office and after completing the form, the attorney must be handed over to process the case. Contracts typically have application deadlines of ninety (90) days as soon as the case has been filed. Like deferred prosecutions, they are offered to accused persons in administrative offence proceedings only if the accused has no criminal record; in cases of DWI, in the absence of results of a breath test or blood test greater than a .15 / EOTH; there are no serious charges of violence; and it is acceptable to the alleged victim if there is one in this case. If, in the course of the agreement, the prosecutor likely has reason to believe that the accused is not complying with the deferred injunction agreement or has committed new criminal conduct, the prosecutor may ask the court to terminate the deferred injunction and convict the original charge. . . .

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