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5. EXISTING AGREEMENTS. In the case of the provision of equipment or services, CTI is not responsible or responsible for the costs or other costs associated with the termination of the buyer`s existing agreements. It is the buyer`s responsibility to terminate all existing contracts. These include equipment rentals, network services and maintenance contracts. The buyer is only responsible for existing contracts or related termination fees, without reimbursement of CTI. CTI signed an agreement with the Board of Engineers Malaysia on February 5, 2008. CTI FIRST MAINTENANCE: CTI`s First Maintenance is CTI`s most comprehensive maintenance program for Vorr5 Enterprise (non-Avaya Support Advantage) and telecommunications and data equipment for SMEs. First maintenance can be acquired with an annual multi-year contract, extended or enhanced. CTI Premier Maintenance begins with CTI acceptance of the agreement with the purchase of a new communication system (starting immediately after the manufacturer`s warranty and continues for the 12-month extension). CTI and CCI (Canadian Council of Engineers) signed an agreement on June 3, 2006 in White Horse, Canada. CTI REMOTE ADVANTAGE: CTI`s remote advantage is a basic support plan for R5 and up for TELECOMMUNICATIons and SME data equipment. CTI Remote Advantage can be purchased on a renewed or discounted multi-year agreement.

CTI Remote Advantage begins on the first day of the second month following the acceptance of the agreement with the purchase or upgrade of a communications system. Travelport also provides CTI Business Travel with the retail features its agents need to search for and book Southwest Airlines` most comprehensive products, as well as more than 400 other airlines using Travelport-branded fares and anaillaries. With access to Travelport`s COVID-19 Smartpoint plugin and Airline Health -Safety Tracker tools, the U.S. agency can easily access important real-time information for travelers about government restrictions and airline safety measures in their workflow. “We are very committed to supporting all of our agency clients as our industry continues to recover from the pandemic, and for our new customers like CTI Business Travel, we are working particularly hard to ensure that agents feel confident and able to deliver superior service,” said Jason Toothman, Head of Americas at Travelport. “We look forward to working with CTI and expect agents to continue to significantly increase productivity in terms of recovery and growth in business travel.” Unless otherwise stated in this section 2.3, all other conditions of the ICC agreement remain in force. 1CTiQ Proactive remote monitoring may require additional costs.

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