Collective Agreement Local 83

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In accordance with current collective agreements, transfers are sent monthly to our office on the 15th day of the following month. That is, a transfer of hours for work done in September must be received in our office on October 15 or before October 15. The exception to this due date is that IIF transfers for Mainland Insulator Local 116 and Roofer Local 409 must be received in our office by the 10th day of the following month. Please note that failure to meet the due dates set out in the corresponding collective agreement is a violation of this collective agreement. If your company does not have hours to contact you during a given month, if you have not received a copy of a new IIF transfer form that your company needs, please download the new form in the “Forms” section of our site, · For Roofer 409, Sheet Metal 409 and Sheeter Decker 409, please indicate each employee with their total hours for the month. If there is not enough space on the corresponding IIF form for all your employees, please use additional forms. Which trades are not affected by this change? 260 Brownlow Avenue, Unit 1, Dartmouth, NS B3B 1V9. Our company pays for more than one union (union). The purpose of this update is to provide a summary of changes and updated policies for transfers.

No, the forms provided by the Union will probably require a company to attach social security numbers, as they may be required for other funds. We cannot accept forms that contain Social Security numbers. In addition, the Union may not have updated its form to include the most recent course, which may result in errors in your IIF transfer. IIF transfers have changed for all of the following unions: all the latest versions of the Industry Improvement Fund transfer forms are available in the “Forms” section of our website, or directly from All IIF forms updated as part of this amendment are marked “**NEW**”. If you need a form for people reported hours for work completed before September 1, 2019, please contact our office, as these are no longer available on our website. All IIF transfers are sent directly to our office, which is located at the following address: 1. The entire IIF rate and the taxable amount of HST have changed or please fill in zero hours on the corresponding form and provide the zero report until the due date by e-mail (, fax (902-468-3705) or mail. The Union has made available to our company a form containing transfers for different types of funds, including the Industry Improvement Fund. . . .

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