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The university`s board of directors has identified certain individuals within the Office of Sponsored Programs as having the right to sign such items on behalf of the university. The Director, Assistant Directors and Assistant Directors of the Sponsorship Programs Office act as approved signatories to the university. Only these approved signatories of the university can legally hire him under the terms of the agreements. Investigators are not authorized to sign agreements on behalf of the university and may be held personally (and alone) responsible for legal or commercial matters related to the agreements. Other transaction agreements (OTA) are defined negatively because there is no legal or regulatory definition of “any other transaction.” An OTA is a legally valid contract with the federal government, which is not a traditional purchase contract, a grant or a cooperation contract. It is not subject to federal laws and regulations that apply to government procurement contracts (far/complementary clauses) or support bonuses. The federal government uses OTAs to streamline research and development, prototyping and other projects. The Federal Contract Services team is responsible for managing OTA-related agreements. If you are reviewing the agreements for office of Sponsored Programs, please make sure that all documents sent are complete and accurate before sending to OSP. No, we cannot accept this type of document because it does not allow the actual conditions of the premium. In addition, it sometimes requires an agreement with the remaining conditions.

A federal contract, such as a grant or cooperation agreement, is a mechanism by which the Confederation funds research and development projects. Unlike a subsidy or cooperation agreement, the federal government certainly uses contracts as a purchasing mechanism, the main objective of the instrument being to acquire primarily real estate or services for the direct benefit or use of the U.S. government. Federal contracts are subject to strict commercial conditions, including the terms of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). Contracts usually require frequent reporting and a great deal of responsibility to the sponsor. If the promised results or products are not achieved on time and in the budget, this may result in criminal and/or civil action and/or financial consequences for the university, administrators or other stakeholders. If you inquire about the status of an agreement verified by the Office of Sponsored Programs, be sure to include the ID (FP, AWD, SRA, etc.) as well as the name of IP and the other party with which our university enters into a contract in your email or telephone request. This information is accumulated from different sources, including, but not limited to,, and websites of different government agencies.

The accuracy and completeness of this information has not been verified. As a result, we take any guarantee as to the accuracy or completeness of this information. By using this site, you agree to take responsibility for the inaccurate or incomplete information contained in it. The differences between a subaward/contract and a service contract are significant. The Office of Sponsored Programs is responsible for the issuance of subcontracts/subcontracts of the price contracts (i.e. federal contracts) that are awarded to the university. The purchase of services is responsible for issuing service contracts for the goods and services of contractors. Click here for more information on the different characteristics between subcontractors and contractors.

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