Agreement Between Antonio And Alonso

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The relationship between these characters remains the same throughout the game. The show that the spirits stage reflects a fashion in the era of Shakespeare`s masks – elaborate theatrical representations. What images are proposed in conversations between the goddesses and how do you think these images could be used in the design of this scene? Prospero knows Ferdinand and Miranda can`t sleep together until they get married. Watch out for the warnings he gives them directly and through the conversation between Ceres and Iris. Why is well-being so important to him? In the second act, we will know more about the other people who landed on the island after the recent storm. We learn more about the relationship between the nobles and meet two drunken servants who form an alliance with Caliban. What do you think are the most important moments of this act that help us better understand the characters? In the third act, Miranda finds her loyalty divided between her father and Ferdinand, the man she promised to marry. She goes to Ferdinand and tells him his name, even though her father told her not to. The 5th act is important because it brings all the characters together and allows for a kind of reconciliation between them. Think about how each character reacts to Prospero`s reconciliation and what you think will happen when they return to Naples.

On this page, students can organize the characters on the screen and view the links between the characters and their relationships. You can then print it with the button on the page and label it with your own quotes. Note how Prospero describes Caliban. Think about how this scene develops your ideas about the relationship between Caliban and Prospero. What do you think might happen next for Caliban? Gonzalo is positive and tries to see the good in his situation. In Scene 1, Antonio takes the opportunity to lure Sebastian into a conspiracy to usurp his brother, as Antonio has taken over his own brother Prospero. What do Antonio`s words suggest about him? What lines help the audience better understand Antonio`s character? Support or contradict these lines as Prospero described it? In the fourth act, Prospero reveals that he is really happy that Miranda and Ferdinand have fallen in love. Ferdinand will be his son-in-law. Prospero agrees with his marriage. . In the fifth act, Prospero calls Caliban “mine.” This could mean that Caliban is a slave he owns, or he might realize that he played a role in Caliban`s behavior.

. Then Prospero uses his magic to put Miranda to sleep and calls his servant Ariel. Ariel describes how he caused the storm and that the ship is now “safe in the harbour” and that everyone on board is safe. Prospero is satisfied, but he tells Ariel that there is more work. Ariel contradicts him and Prospero threatens him, but he also promises in mind his freedom “after two days” if he obeys. Ariel reports that Caliban, Stephano and Trinculo are “red-hot to drink” and that he guided them across the island and left them “I`tthy mantled pool beyond your cell”. Prospero sends Ariel to use the fine clothes in his cell to distract the conspirators. They then watch Stephano and Trinculo, who are looking for even less clothes, being distracted by their plot to kill Prospero by the clothes.

Caliban said to the others, “Leave him alone,” but the ghosts appear and drive out Stephano, Trinculo and Caliban. Prospero sends Ariel to pick them up to make sure they are punished. Prospero first found Ariel trapped in a tree and freed him. When Ariel interrogates him in the first act, Prospero threatens to lock him in another tree if he doesn`t do what he`s told. The theme of love is always important in Shakespeare`s comedies. Ferdinand and Caliban are the only two men Miranda knew except their father. As Miranda`s potential lover, compare how Ferdinand and Caliban are described and reflect on why Prospero wants his daughter to marry one and not the other.