Acre Model Document Hiring Agreement

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2.6 Purpose/Description of the rental: This purpose is indicated on the booking form The town hall reserves the right to rent by written notification to the tenant in the event of a national emergency or similar case of force majeure, which requires the closure of the premises, or if the premises are necessary for use as a polling station for legislative, municipal or referendum elections, or if the village house reasonably believes that: ACRE provides 42 information sheets on village halls and a set of standard documents containing all the up-to-date information necessary for administrators to manage their common building. To order one of the publications, please send an e-mail to: 25. Availability of WiFi Services (i) While we strive to offer the best possible WiFi service, we do not promise that the WiFi service meets your needs. We cannot guarantee that our Wi-Fi service will be accessible error-free or at all times. (ii) It is your responsibility to ensure that every WIFi-enabled device you use is compatible and enabled with our WiFi service. The availability and power of our Wi-Fi service is subject to all storage, storage and other constraints in your device. Our Wi-Fi service is only available for your device if it is located in the operating area of the main lobby. (iii) We are not responsible for any data, messages or pages that you lose or that are generally misled by our Wi-Fi service or wireless communication networks due to interruptions or performance issues. We may, at our discretion, impose usage or service restrictions, suspend the service, or block certain types of use to protect other users of our Wi-Fi service. Network speed does not indicate the speed at which your WIFi-enabled device or our WiFi service sends or receives data. The actual speed of the network depends on configuration, compression, and network overload.26.

Privacy and Data Protection (i) We may collect and store personal data using our Wi-Fi service. ii) We may process all information about you provided in relation to our WiFi service, in accordance with your legal rights in accordance with the 1998 data protection and exclusively for the purpose of offering the WiFi service. iii) By using our Wi-Fi service, you agree to the terms of this clause 26. . .

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