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Published by the Ministry of Finance, Sri Lanka: treasury.gov.lk/article/-/article-viewer-portlet/render/view/mcc-agreement-drafted-with-the-consent-of-ag The Daily Mirror and the Colombo Gazette both quoted Teplitz as saying that “a decision on the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) agreement will be made after the August parliamentary elections.” The four-member committee, headed by Professor Lalithasiri Gunaruwan, who last week presented its interim report to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, said that there were clauses and conditions in the agreement that would have a negative impact on national objectives and objectives, sovereignty and national security and would be incompatible with the legal framework and the Constitution, Financial Times Minister And Guna Gun. The president appointed a three-member committee headed by Professor Lalith Gunaruwan of Colombo University to review the agreement and, in an interim report, the commission said the agreement was contrary to Sri Lankan law and the constitution, said Gunewardena, who is also the cabinet spokesman. 3. Threatening sovereignty: the pressure on the MCC compact came after the Easter Sunday attacks on the Sri Lankan economy and people. It also corresponds to the search for a new foothold in the Indian Ocean by the United States, precisely when the military occupation of the Chagos Islands by Great Britain and the United States by the Chagossian people is called into question. In this context, the MCC should be read and evaluated at the same time as the Cross Acquisition Agreement (CASA) and the proposed status of the Forces Agreement (SOFA). It should be noted that the MCC itself was created as an extension of the Nexus of security development in the context of the war of terrorism in the United States in 2004. In addition, the U.S. government has increasingly talked about its need to balance China in the Indian Ocean and stressed China`s presence in Sri Lanka. The MCC, SOFA and ACSA are all in tune with U.S. policy in Asia and the trade war against China, Iran and the rise of Asia.

To date, McC`s activities have significantly eroded local and provincial governance as well as democratic and national oversight institutions, as in the case of the State Countries Act (special provisions) and the Development Act (special provisions). The non-transposition of the articles, the withdrawal and the end of the GCC pact would be costly for the Sri Lankan people, as this is a matter of international law; Much more than the $480 when GoSL mysteriously signed the Singapore Mediation Convention in August 2019. The signing of the MCC will bewitch Sri Lanka in a costly geopolitical conflict between the United States and China and threaten our sovereignty. As citizens of a formerly colonized country, we emphasize the importance of decolonization and demilitarization of the Indian Ocean. Asked whether the government would reconsider two other agreements with the U.S. government – the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) and the Acquisition and Cross Services Agreement (ACSA) – said the government would not reverse the agreements already signed. “This agreement was drawn up by the United National Party (UNP) at its whim, regardless of the interests of the country. We have warned against elections…

Gunawardena said. “Given the similar anti-American tactics used in both countries [Sri Lanka and Nepal], the two MCC programs are not so much about the MCC as about the lack of government influence in the region,” said a U.S. development expert with knowledge of the Compacts, who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the problem. In a separate report, News 1st reported that U.S. officials had responded to a question they had asked that “the Sri Lankan government has asked for time to review the MCC agreement, and the United States is complying with that request.” Opposition to the millennium challenge compact (MCC) agreement was an important plan in Sri Lanka`s political campaign for Podujana Peramuna to elect its candidate Gotabaya Rajapaksa in November 2019.